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Yes, You Can Sell Your Home in Winter

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Don’t be afraid of selling your home in winter.  It’s not only possible to sell your home in winter—it can even be a great idea. Here are a few benefits to selling your home during the cold months of December, January, or February.

You can sell for 1.2% more.

Believe it or not, homes sold in the winter actually sell for 1.2% more than in the summer (according to a popular real estate study).

Winter listings are 9% more likely to sell.

Because winter buyers are highly motivated to find a new home (and because there is less inventory of homes available for sale), winter listings are actually more likely to sell, according to the same study.

Buyers are usually more motivated in the winter.

Winter home buyers typically have more urgency and are often willing to pay more to find a good home now. They may want to relocate quickly (such as for a job change or new baby).

Your house stands out from the crowd.

With fewer homes on the market in winter, you’ll have a better chance to stand out from the crowd—and get attention from buyers, especially if you work with a good realtor.

Winter homes sell one week faster.

According to, homes listed in winter sell faster than those listed in spring—by an average of about one week.

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