When Should I Buy a Bigger Home? | Scott Johnson

When Should I Buy a Bigger Home?

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Do you need a bigger home? While buying a larger home means a higher monthly payment, more utilities, higher taxes, and more maintenance, there are definitely some situations where it makes sense. You may need a bigger home if:

Your family is growing.

New babies mean new furniture, kid equipment, clothing, and new stuff in general—all requiring more space. You’ll also want more room for them to play indoors on rainy, cold, or snowy days.

You’re getting a pet.

Some pets need more space than others. Consider whether it will be an indoor or outdoor pet, and how much space it will need for eating, living, playing, and sleeping.

You’ll be working from home.

If you work from home, then you’ll want a quiet, dedicated room to use as an office—where you can concentrate, talk on the phone, lay out projects, and stow supplies.

You’re running a home-based business.

Are you planning to run a home daycare? Bake treats? Make jewelry? Pet sit? If so, then a larger home (or garage, kitchen, basement, storage space, or yard) may be exactly what your at-home business needs to operate.

You love to entertain.

If you love hosting parties—or having overnight guests, like grandchildren or extended family members—then you may enjoy the perks of an extra bedroom, larger kitchen, bigger patio, or finished basement.

You need space to indulge your passions.

Let’s face it, some hobbies need more space. It can be difficult to paint, cook, refinish antiques, sew, garden, or collect wine in a small home. If your passions require more space, it may be time to upgrade.

You’ve simply outgrown your storage space.

If your storage space is already uncomfortably full (think: closets, cabinets, garage, and basement) then it may be time to find a bigger space.

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