What to Expect When Buying Waterfront Properties | Scott Johnson

What to Expect When Buying Waterfront Properties

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If you’re looking for your own slice of waterfront paradise, there are more factors to consider than when buying a landlocked home!

  1. Prioritize the lot over the home’s structure. You can renovate and revamp a home, but you can’t change a blocked view. Plus, find out what you’re allowed to do on your property — whether that’s jet-skiing, fishing or swimming.
  2. Just like you need an agent who specializes in your target neighborhood, you need an agent who specializes in waterfront properties. They’ll be able to expertly navigate you through the process.
  3. Waterfront properties require much more maintenance. It’s doubly important to get pre-approved and secure a solid insurance policy.
  4. Ensure the property can endure crazy waterfront weather.
  5. If the waterfront property is in a rural area, ask around to get a sense of the costs of utilities. They could trend higher than in the city.
  6. Ask what your homeowners association and upkeep responsibilities entail. For example, ask if you are responsible for building and repairing bulkheads. Check the dock permits to see if the dock is actually part of the property.
  7. Survey the neighbors to get their thoughts on the neighborhood. They can clue you into any issues or hidden costs you wouldn’t normally know about.
  8. Look into the history of the shoreline. Does it fluctuate wildly? That would certainly impact your property.

If you’re searching for your waterfront home on one of the many beautiful lakes in Kansas and Missouri, we’ve got you covered. Find awaterfront specialist in your area!