Keep Your Lawn Weed-Free All Year Round | Scott Johnson

Keep Your Lawn Weed-Free All Year Round

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Taking care of your lawn can be intimidating, overwhelming and a bit messy. That’s why we consulted our friends at Grass Pad for some tips to keep your lawn weed-free throughout the year!

First, it’s important to understand the two most common types of weeds in Kansas City:

  1. Annual grassy weeds, like crabgrass, foxtail and goose grass, germinate each spring from seed. They form seed heads in late summer, and then die at first frost — leaving behind dormant weed seeds and bare spots.
  2. Broadleaf weeds, like dandelions, henbit and plantain, will survive winter. As soils warm in spring, broadleaf weeds fill and stretch out in those same bare spots left by the crabgrass.

These two types of weeds help each other to survive. It’s safe to say that when you eliminate crabgrass, you also eliminate broadleaf weeds. To combat weeds, follow Grass Pad’s Idiot Proof Lawn Care Program!

Mid-March through mid-April:

Preventing crabgrass starts in early spring before the soil starts to warm and dormant crabgrass seeds germinate. Use Loveland PREVENT! Crabgrass Pre-Emergent to control ugly summer weeds before they appear.

April through June:

Use Loveland WEED and FEED Broadleaf Weed Herbicide and a mild turf food to control dandelions, henbit, spurge, clover plantain and other broadleaf weeds.

Mid-May through early June:

A second application booster shot of PREVENT! will keep crabgrass at bay, while slow release fertilizer extends green up throughout the summer.

August through October:

Loveland RENOVATOR Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer will help turf recover from summer stress.


Over-seeding your lawn every fall will mimic Mother Nature’s natural seeding process and help maintain your lawn’s health.

October through November:

Encourage root growth, disease resistance and drought with Loveland SNOWMAN.

The best weed preventer for your lawn is thick, healthy, vigorous grass. Eliminate the bare spots, and you will eliminate the weeds. Remembering to feed your lawn at the right time, control weeds at the right time and over-seed your lawn at the right time will pay off. And if you’re too busy,  Grass Pad can help out!