Organize Your Garage — Today! — with These Easy Tips | Scott Johnson

Organize Your Garage — Today! — with These Easy Tips

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There’s no reason to live with a messy garage, wading through endless boxes stacked on top of each other. Today, there are hundreds of simple, easy ways to quickly organize your space in a single afternoon or weekend. Try one of these fast tips today!

Hang magnetic strips on your walls.

Magnetic strips can be found in almost any craft store. They make small, hard-to-find pieces (think: drill bits and tiny screwdrivers) easy to reach when you need them.

Add a “ball corral.”

Believe it or not, you can now buy a ball storage rack designed just for garages—and perfect for holding all of the footballs, soccer balls, beach balls and kickballs that constantly roll out into the driveway.

Use your garage door frame.

Buy J-style hooks to screw into the rafters, ceiling or garage door track to get bicycles, ladders, and folding chairs up off the floor.

Hang a shoe holder on the wall.

The tiny pockets are perfect for organizing nails, screws, tacks and other small items.

Install a peg board.

A peg board is simple to install and will allow you to centrally locate lots of hand tools that are now scattered around the house and garage. They are completely customizable with small pegs of different shapes and sizes that hang small tools, like wrenches, scissors, hammers and paint rollers.

Try ceiling-mounted shelves.

These are perfect for things you only use once a year, like holiday decorations or camping gear. You can even buy a kit at your local hardware store to install.

Get a wall organizer.

This is a simple device that holds long, clumsy items up against the wall — like brooms, mops, rakes, and shovels. It keeps them from all crashing over every time you grab one.

Buy good, old-fashioned welded steel shelves, paired with labeled bins.

These are still an inexpensive, quick way to get lots of clutter off your floor quickly. Try using plastic bins on the shelves, and label the front of each bin with a black marker that quickly tells you what’s inside.

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