5 Ways to Stay On-Budget During a Renovation | Scott Johnson

5 Ways to Stay On-Budget During a Renovation

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From simple renovations to complete overhauls, it’s easy to spend way more on home improvement projects than you had budgeted. Use this advice to keep your project on track and budget-friendly!

Know what you can and cannot do.

Don’t skimp on hiring the professionals because you think you can figure it out on your own — you could create a larger (and more expensive) mess than you started with. Similarly, a good way to keep prices down from the outset is to do some of the heavy lifting yourself, if you’re confident in your abilities.

Be realistic with your budget.

Don’t lowball your budget with the intention of cutting corners — but don’t over-estimate, either. Leave a small buffer for unexpected expenses.

Know exactly what you want and communicate that to your contractor from the get-go.

Ensuring you’re both on the same page from the start will save you time and money.

Focus on the project at hand.

While you’re completing one renovation, it’s easy to get carried away with ideas for more. Take it one project at a time!

When hiring contractors, don’t be afraid to shop around.

You’re the one who has to live with the renovation — and the bill.

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