How Can I Spruce Up My Landscaping—in Autumn? | Scott Johnson

How Can I Spruce Up My Landscaping—in Autumn?

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Garden boxwood shrubbery

You may not think about landscaping in fall, but now is the perfect time to plant a variety of flowers and shrubs that you can enjoy through winter—and into spring and summer next year.

Since Kansas City is now officially in the warmer planting Zone 6 (rather than the previous, cooler Zone 5—as winters here are warmer than they used to be), take advantage of fall planting to give your backyard a boost.

Plant colorful bulbs for spring.

Now is a great time to plant bulbs that pop with color for spring. A few classics that you’ll love: tulips, irises, and daffodils. Buy and plant large bunches in a single patch for maximum color.

Add perennials for next year.

If you know you want to plant new perennials next year, try starting them in fall. By spring, they’ll be larger, fuller, and more colorful—plus, take advantage of end-of-season deals at local garden shops.

Dig in your shrubs and trees.

You can plant everything from boxwoods, to butterfly bushes, to Bradford pear trees in the fall—then enjoy watching them leaf out in the spring, as they got a head-start over the winter.

Plant new grass seed.

Fall is a good time to plant new grass seed because the scorching hot summer is over, and the seed has a long time to get established before the next one.

Try cool-weather flowers.

Want a little extra burst of color—before winter sets in? Plant a few inexpensive, easy annuals like pansies, snapdragons, calendula, and English daisies in your pots and annual beds, and you’ll have something to enjoy long after the first frost sets in.

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