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Setting Achievable Goals

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In the new year, many people make grand plans and goals for their business and life. When it comes to achieving those goals however, how you organize your thoughts and plans can make a world of difference.

The Queen of Implementation, Mona Raglow, suggests narrowing your priorities to three.

“Studies show that if we have between 0 and 3 priorities, there’s an excellent chance of achieving all three,” she said. “After that, it greatly diminishes.”

Once you’ve narrowed your priorities down to three things, think about what your deadlines are, what the steps are to complete your tasks and how to schedule everything.

Next, Raglow says to plan weekly. Take time intentionally — it could be just 30 minutes once a week, to do a “brain dump”, getting all your thoughts on a topic onto paper. Then you can think critically about what you need to do, and when you’ll have time to do everything. After that, make a weekly list and schedule your tasks so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Then, review your brain dump and daily accomplishments.

“Most of us spend time on what we didn’t get done, but we should celebrate what we do get done daily,” she said.

The easiest way to pull off this planning is to establish a routine, and the easiest way to accomplish that, Raglow says, is to find a time where you’re not typically interrupted and can be in the same place. Once you figure that out, “Keep that date with yourself. Don’t let anybody else steal the time away.”

Not all goals will be manageable for everybody. To determine manageable goals, Raglow suggests writing down everything you must do every day, for both business and personal reasons. Then, plan your goals realistically, based around the time you have left.

Finally, Raglow suggests making a written list. “Ditch the technology. Write it down. There’s so many studies that promote the benefits of writing things down, including speed and accuracy of recall.”

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