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Refresh Your Window Treatments

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Spruce up your space by replacing your out-of-date window treatments with the latest trends. By letting more natural light shine in or creating a new focal point for the room, updating your window treatments can completely rejuvenate your home!


Deep, luscious hues in red, purple, blue and green are enjoying their design moment right now.  When you incorporate these colors in your window treatments, you add an automatic air of luxury and sophistication.


Allowing more natural light to stream in will make the room seem bigger and warmer. Instead of using opaque window treatments that block natural light from getting in, opt for sheer fabrics to filter light in while still maintaining your privacy.


Use a stainless-steel curtain rod to quickly modernize your window treatments. Stainless steel also pairs well with jewel tones and metallics.


Your unobtrusive, neutral window treatments? Ditch them! Try curtains with a bold pattern to create a new focal point and refresh the room’s style.


Metallic shades are also a great choice to use in your window treatments. You don’t have to go full metal with this trend — instead, find shimmery fabrics or curtains with metallic threads woven throughout.

Want a professional to help update your window treatments? Check out Zaarly to find home service providers to give you a hand. Give me a call to get a code for $50 off your first service!

Zaarly is not available in all areas. Ask your ReeceNichols agent for full details.