Not Ready for the Suburbs? Here’s Why You Should Reconsider | Scott Johnson

Not Ready for the Suburbs? Here’s Why You Should Reconsider

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For many people, the amenities of the city are a huge attraction—especially for homebuyers in their 20s and 30s. There are restaurants, loft apartments, bars, museums, and clubs around every corner in downtown Kansas City, with plenty of space to walk around for an entire day or evening (think: the Kansas City Power & Light District, the Plaza, the Freight House district, or First Fridays).

However, over the past few years, this trend is changing, with more and more millennials moving to the suburbs. According to a recent survey by the National Association of Realtors, the number of millennials buying homes in urban (or central city areas) decreased from 21% to  17%. In fact, the majority of millennials are now buying detached suburban homes, rather than urban homes.

Why are more homebuyers in their 20s and 30s moving to the suburbs?

More home for the dollar.

Many times, you can get a four-bedroom, two-bath home with a yard in the suburbs—for the same price as a two-bedroom loft in the city. Depending on where you buy, you can get almost twice as much space for the same price.

Space for pets and kids.

Having a safe green space for pets and kids to play right in your backyard (without having to walk to the park) makes everyone happy.

Less crowded schools.

With more space to build, suburban schools are often less crowded—and have more room for athletic fields and special use areas, like labs or gardens—than urban schools.

Better amenities than in the past.

Today, many Kansas City-area suburbs offer the four-star restaurants, organic markets, night clubs, and cutting-edge live entertainment that was previously only available in the downtown area.

Healthier lifestyle.

Our local suburbs offer miles and miles of hike/bike trails, parks, tennis courts, botanical gardens, golf courses, and lakes to enjoy year-round.

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