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6 Reasons to Buy a “Maintenance-Free” Home

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When people think about buying a “maintenance-free” home, they usually imagine an over-65 community. But today, these homes are becoming popular for young families, single professionals, first-time home buyers—and just about anyone who would prefer not to spend their weekends mowing the lawn.

While no home is 100% maintenance-free, and your monthly Homeowner’s Association (HOA) fees will be a factor, there’s a lot of great reasons to consider buying a home in a low-maintenance community.

Reason #1—More free time.

The biggest perk of living in a maintenance-free home is that the HOA will mow your grass, trim your shrubs, and even plow the snow—freeing up your weekend time.

Reason #2—Your home’s exterior is automatically updated.

Many low-maintenance communities handle the upkeep of your home’s exterior—such as replacing roof tiles, painting the siding, and repaving the driveway (usually every 10 years or so).

Reason #3—Lots of home styles to choose from.

Today’s low-maintenance and maintenance-free homes come in a wide variety of styles, including:

  • Townhomes
  • Condos
  • Duplexes
  • Stand-alone single-family homes (with yard)

Reason #4—Lots of extra amenities.

Most maintenance-free communities offer extra perks, such as pools, tennis courts, walking trails, fitness centers—and even golf courses.

Reason #5—Save money on landscaping.

Since you don’t need to buy mowers, trimmers, fertilizer, and grass seed, you can spend more money on furniture and home décor—a relief for many first-time home buyers.

Reason #6—Spend less on the home.

Homes in maintenance-free communities typically cost less than standard homes. Just remember to factor in the cost of your monthly HOA dues, which will be significantly higher than in a standard home (because they include the price of your services).

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