8 Great Reasons to Buy a New Home in Your 40’s and 50’s | Scott Johnson

8 Great Reasons to Buy a New Home in Your 40’s and 50’s

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If you’re in your 40’s or 50’s, have you considered buying a new home? Here are 7 great reasons why it’s a perfect time to buy a new home now:

#1—The last home was for the job. (Or the kids. Or the family.)

We buy houses in our 20’s and 30’s for our growing families, new careers, and exciting jobs. In our 40’s and 50’s, our careers are more stable—so we can buy a home for ourselves, and spend a little more time commuting, if we wish.

#2—The kids are getting older.

For most of us with families, our kids get older by our 40’s and 50’s. Maybe your kids are in high school or college—or even starting their own families. Either way, a new home can better accommodate your shifting space needs.

#3—A parent, grandchild, or other relative needs help.

Will you be caring for a live-in relative? If so, then now is the time to plan for the extra space you’ll need—to ensure that you and your guest have the right balance of privacy and care. Consider homes with finished basements, additional bedrooms, extra bathrooms, and even parking space—as well as proximity to medical care, if required.

#4—You love having guests.

Do you enjoy entertaining—but never had the space to do as much as you’d like? You’ll be amazed at all the amenities available today to host in your home—from kitchen islands, to wet bars, fire pits, hot tubs, mini guest apartments, and tri-level porches.

#5—You want to be closer to entertainment.

Now is a great time to live closer to the entertainment venues you love—whether it’s nightlife, dining, shopping, museums, theatres, or the arts. Kansas City abounds with entertainment options.

#6—You want to spend more time pursuing your passions.

Maybe you love gardening, and would enjoy a bigger yard. Or maybe you’ve always wanted a dedicated room for exercise, playing guitar, reading, cooking gourmet meals, or scrapbooking. Find a home that gives you the dedicated specialty space you need—to be as creative as you want.

#7—You’ve always dreamed of living in a special location.

Maybe you love the Plaza—but your kids attended school in Olathe. Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of living near a lake in Parkville, in a brownstone in Brookside, or in a city loft in the River Market. Whatever your dream is, now is the perfect time to pursue it.

#8—Energize yourself!

Your 40’s and 50’s are a great opportunity to pursue your dreams, engage your passions, and care for yourself—as well as for any family members who may need your help. Energize yourself for the next 10-20 years of your working career, so you can live life to the fullest

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