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8 Questions to Ask a Moving Company

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The average household move in the U.S. costs $1,170, if you’re staying in the same state — and $5,630 for an out-of-state move, according to the American Moving & Storage Association. In fact, the average family moves 7,400 lbs. of stuff!

If you’re considering hiring a moving company, you’ll want to compare the rates and service policies of at least two or three different companies. Start by asking friends for referrals, or look at online ratings. Be sure to ask your final candidates these questions.

#1—“Do you have insurance?  If so, what does it cover?”

Make sure you verify the company’s insurance number afterward, so you know it’s “legit.”

#2—“Are you licensed?”

A properly licensed moving company should have a special registration number assigned by the U.S. Department of Transportation that you can validate online.

#3—“How much will it cost?”

And…what does that fee include? Movers charge more for higher weight and longer distances, according to the American Moving & Storage Association.

#4—“Are there any extra fees I will need to pay?”

Look for hidden fees for things like packing tape, long carry distances or even stairs.

#5—“What services are included in my fee?”

Your mover may have different levels of service at different price points. Find out if they include:

  • Packing boxes
  • Moving up stairs
  • Delivery of boxes to individual rooms
  • Moving through small door frames

#6—“Have you ever moved THIS before?  How did you do it?”

If you’re moving specialty items — say, a piano, an antique armoire or a glass collection — ask in advance about their specific experience with this item.

#7—“What happens if something breaks?”

Let’s face it, breaks can happen. Find out in advance what their process is for handling that situation and if/how you will be compensated.

#8—“When will it be delivered?”

Get an estimate of the timeline for both pickup and delivery, and know what will happen if they miss that window.

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