Five Things You Should Schedule Now to Prevent Water Damage and Flooding This Spring | Scott Johnson

Five Things You Should Schedule Now to Prevent Water Damage and Flooding This Spring

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Water damage is a nightmare no homeowner wants to encounter. Unfortunately, most people don't deal with water damage until it's a problem. We have five tasks you should schedule as soon as possible so you can prevent massive repairs and costs this spring and summer.

Have Your Gutters Cleaned and Inspected by a Pro

Taking care of your gutters is the cheapest and most important way to prevent water damage. Have a professional clean your gutters. They will also inspect them for cracks and make sure the downspouts are working correctly.

Ask a Landscaping Pro

Have a professional landscaper evaluate your flood risk. They will make sure that your landscaping slopes away from your home for a minimum of ten feet. They will also make sure that your drainage ditches are clear and free of any obstructions and will check the drainage vents or pipes that service your home.

Waterproof Your Basement

A foundation expert specializing in waterproofing and crack repairs can make sure that your basement is sealed up and protected for years to come.

Install a Water Detection Alarm

For as little as $30, you can install water detection alarms. These come in many varieties, but they all work the same. When water touches exposed metal probes, the device senses increased conductivity between the probes, and an alarm will go off. Early detection can be vital in saving your home (and your wallet).

Have a Sump Pump Installed

Sump pumps keep the space under your house dry and will prevent mold and mildew, which can become health hazards and end up costing you a lot of money.

Water damage prevention will not only save you money; it will save your home from potentially irreversible damage. Be sure to get started on your water damage prevention plan as soon as possible!

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