16 Ways to Prep Your Yard for Winter | Scott Johnson

16 Ways to Prep Your Yard for Winter

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Fall Lawn Landscaping

While you’re certainly not required to winterize your yard—after all, your grass and trees will most likely grow back in spring!—you will have healthier, fuller shrubs, plants, and grass if you spend a little time protecting them before winter sets in.

Here are 16 easy things you can do right now to prepare your pots, garden, plants, and landscaping for the harsh weather ahead.

  1. Mulch—put a fresh layer of mulch around perennials and shrubs (but first, remove any old mulch still there).
  2. Compost—add a layer of compost or fertilizer around plant and flower beds.
  3. Grass—cut the grass short, down to around 2-3 in. high (but don’t do it when there’s a frost, the grass can actually “shatter”).
  4. Dead wood—remove any dead or damaged branches and twigs from trees and shrubs.
  5. Rake—rake up all dead leaves.
  6. Prune—prune shrubs back to a smaller size.
  7. Dead annuals—remove any dead annuals, like flowers and vegetables, from the garden. Then throw a layer of compost on top, to set in over winter.
  8. Potted plants that will overwinter—if you’re planning to keep them in pots, group the containers together in a protected spot near the house. Add mulch or straw for additional protection of the roots.
  9. Potted annuals—empty pots of dead annuals and clean all soil out, so they’re ready for next year (and insects don’t overwinter).
  10. New trees—if your trees are brand new and haven’t developed a tough, corky bark yet, wrap them with tree wrap.
  11. Trim—trim back your perennials and water them.
  12. Ground nuts—pick up acorns, walnuts, and osage oranges—so they don’t get tamped down into the soil over winter.
  13. Aerate—aerate your lawn, especially if it’s very compacted or has difficulty draining.
  14. Fertilize—your trees, grass, shrubs, and perennials, one more time.
  15. Bulbs—dig up old bulbs (like tulips and daffodils). Plant new ones for next year.
  16. Deer protection—remember to protect your plants from deer with a fence or wrap if you live in a woody area.

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