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Easy Ways to Prep Your Home for the Winter Chill

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December 21st marks the first official day of Winter, but based on the recent weather forecast, most Midwesterners would say it has already arrived.

Run through this list of 10 easy ways you can prep your home for the Winter chill today!

Install Weatherstripping

If you haven't already, weatherstripping your home's exterior doors is key. The best part? You can do it from the comfort of INSIDE your home! Your local hardware store should have all the materials you need, and maybe even a few installation tips.

Install a Door Sweep

Aside from weatherstripping, installing a door sweep on drafty, exterior doors will make a major difference!

Plug Household Leaks

Tour your home and take note of cracks and gaps inside and out. You can use caulk for small cracks and foam sealer for big gaps.

Note: Don't forget to treat exterior wood trim! Paint, caulk, and seal all of the wood trim around windows and doors.

Seal Furnace Ducts

According to EnergyStar, leaky heating ducts typically waste 20-30% of the heated air they carry. Some ducts won't be visible to you and you'll want to ask an HVAC tech to perform a combustion safety test first!

Replace Furnace Filters

Checking and replacing your furnace filters regularly can help improve furnace efficiency and lifespan.

Insulate Older Hot Water Heaters

Wrapping up an older water heater with a blanket can help save on fuel costs.

Note: Water heaters located near a heat source or pre-insulated and tankless water heaters should not be insulated!

Lower the Hot Water Temperature

Lowering the hot water temperature from the typical 140 to 120 degrees can help with additional fuel savings!

Insulate Hot Water Pipes

After insulating your water heaters, you'll want to insulate the hot water pipes in your basement or crawl space. Snapping foam sleeves on them prevents the water from cooling as it runs through.

Use Window Coverings

Curtains, drapes, shades and mini blinds provide a surprising amount of insulation. Draw them at night when the temperature drops most to conserve heat.

Check Your Trees

Trimming any dead branches before the first snowfall can spare you of a massive headache down the line.

Still feeling the chill? An HVAC inspection may be in order.

Scheduled a routine maintenance call with a certified specialist throughA.B. May or HSA today!