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Selling a Home with Four-Legged Friends

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dog asleep in arm chair

You are ready to list your home, but what do you do about your four-legged friend? You love your pets, but will potential buyers have the same affection? Probably not. Our friends at Zaarly have a few tips and experts who can help keep your home in tip-top shape.

Go for the Deep Clean

Before you list, go for a deep clean. A deep clean will get all of those places that you haven’t thought about since you moved in. It also means getting all of that pet hair that tends to collect in corners and baseboards. It will also go a long way in getting rid of any odor. Go over with your house cleaner your goals with a deep clean.

Raquel and Ana with RC Cleaning

Have the Carpets Cleaned

A good carpet cleaning can make your carpets look good as new.

Brian Bock with Bock’s Steam Star

Clean up the Yard

Be sure to have holes filled in and any discolored grass attended to. Check around your property for plants that might have been chewed and remove or replace them. Clean up any toys and make sure they are out of sight.

Hadley Snider with Snider Landscaping and Plumbing

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