5 Popular Home Repair Calls—and What to Do If They Happen | Scott Johnson

5 Popular Home Repair Calls—and What to Do If They Happen

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leaking faucet

Thanks to our partner A.B. May, who provides our HomeWarranty PLUS program to sellers in the Kansas City area, we have the inside scoop on some of the most common home repair calls in the metro.

According to Paige Posladek at A.B. May, there are a few common home repair calls that they routinely see in Kansas City. And some of those calls can easily be prevented, minimized, or avoided altogether.

“In a lot of cases, homeowners can help themselves greatly by taking a few easy steps to get ready for our technician’s visit,” she said.

According to Posladek, here are five of the most common calls received by A.B. May in the Kansas City area—plus a few tips on how to handle them.

Your cooling system isn't blowing cool air.

If you notice that your A/C system is no longer cooling, check your basement unit. The coil that sits on top of the furnace is often frozen.

“This can happen for two reasons,” Posladek said. “Usually, either the blower breaks, preventing air flow, or the coil is leaking, resulting in frozen refrigerant.”

A tech cannot work on your unit until it thaws, so you should immediately turn off the entire system using your thermostat. The sooner your unit thaws, the faster a tech can fix it.

Leaky faucet, running toilet.

Try cleaning the aerator on your faucet, which can have significant calcium build-up. For a longer-term fix, Posladek recommends installing a water softener in your home to prevent mineral build-up from ruining your pipes and appliances.

Upstairs isn't cooling as well as the main floor.

“This happens for many reasons,” Posladek says. “It could be because of the type of duct work, the size of the equipment, or even the type of home.”

Adjust the dampers on the duct work to increase air flow. For a more permanent solution, consider installing a mini-split (or zoning) in your home.

A/C turns on and off all day.

If your cooling system turns on/off every 20-60 minutes, then you might have an oversized system. It’s imperative to your comfort that your unit is properly sized.

Drains are backed up.

Stop putting rice, coffee grounds, or egg shells down the sink. It could be an issue with your main line. Schedule an A.B. May camera tech to look at the main line and make sure the sewer line is working efficiently.

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