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7 Popular Home Architectural Styles

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Take a drive down any streets in our region, and you’re guaranteed to see dozens of different types of homes with a variety of landscaping and decorative elements. How many of these common types have you seen?

Cape Cod

Typically built after World War II, Cape Cod-style homes were the first style to be used in moderately-priced subdivisions that popped up during the post-war baby boom. A symmetrical exterior with a steep roof and gable dormers define this style.


You can find Craftsman bungalows, with their wood siding, low-gabled roofs and large front dormers, all through Kansas City’s Waldo and Brookside neighborhoods.


The features of contemporary homes can vary wildly from one design to the next, but they typically incorporate large windows, natural light, an open floor plan and geometric shapes.


Not to be confused with contemporary, modern homes are inspired by the modernism art movement and embrace simplicity and open spaces.


Colonial home styles include the three most popular types: Dutch, Georgian and Federal. All use evenly-spaced shuttered windows and symmetry, while Dutch Colonials bear a resemblance to barns, Georgian Colonials feature strict symmetry and Federal Colonialsdisplay more decorative elements.


The steep-pitched gable roofs of Tudorhomes are ubiquitous in our region, and for good reason: they’re perfect for snow and rain. They typically feature exposed wood frameworks and a brown and beige color palette. 


Similar to modern homes, ranch homes also emphasize open floor plans and functionality, but the exterior designs vary. The popular split-level floor plan is categorized as a ranch home.

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