Pivot Your Business Strategy | Scott Johnson

Pivot Your Business Strategy

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While only May, the old business plan needs to be revamped. Where can you tighten expenses, focus on what your virtual offering looks like and decide how your marketing plan shifts? Assess where your business comes from. If you do a lot of open houses, keep in mind you won’t be able to do nearly as many of those and they’ll have to be virtual. Consider what new prospecting methods you’ll implement to fill your pipeline. How will you meet new people?

Consider your communications. This is a challenging time for many people, and we must be mindful of the messages we are sending.

Remember Pearson’s Law: what you measure will improve. Track the daily activities that will drive your business. Set goals for the next 30 days across:

  • Prospecting and nurturing
  • Marketing and communication
  • Transactions and revenue