ReeceNichols President & CEO Named to Ingram’s 250 Most Powerful Business Leaders in Greater Kansas City | Scott Johnson

ReeceNichols President & CEO Named to Ingram’s 250 Most Powerful Business Leaders in Greater Kansas City

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ReeceNichols Real Estate’s president and CEO, Mike Frazier

ReeceNichols Real Estate’s president and CEO, Mike Frazier, has been named to Ingram’s magazine’s annual list of the 250 most powerful business leaders in greater Kansas City. According to Ingram’s, the list reflects the most successful companies that help define executive excellence in Kansas City.

Frazier joined ReeceNichols in 2007 as CFO and chief operating officer. In July 2018, he was named president and CEO of the organization. During Mike’s tenure, ReeceNichols has expanded geographically in Kansas City and southern Missouri and has grown in market share. In 2018, ReeceNichols guided over 16,000 families and individuals through the home buying and selling process.

Ingram’s published a few questions from their Q&A with Mike — here’s the full conversation.

  1. Name one thing you know now that you wish you’d known the day you started your career.

    I’ve learned over the years that your job is really not about you at all, but rather serving others and building relationships, both within your organization and outside of your organization. Our business is based on relationships, which is why every member of the ReeceNichols team embodies the characteristics we believe foster those relationships: expertise, loyalty and motivation.

  2. Your favorite way to recharge your batteries for work.

    Whether it’s biking or running in my neighborhood, I frequently begin my day with a morning workout, which helps me relax and think about the day ahead. If I miss or skip it, I find my day is more challenging.  

  3. Tell us about your best business memory of the last year.

    After ReeceNichols acquired a real estate company in southern Missouri, we saw the agents receive an almost instant lift from our branding, tools and support.  This translated into agents growing their businesses and ReeceNichols touching even more families’ lives.  It was both humbling and exciting.  Our mission is to reward lives each and every day – the lives of our agents and the people we serve.  While as a leader I strive to make decisions that benefit both our agents and the community, it’s always immensely satisfying to see success in action. 

  4. What’s the best business decision you ever made?

    Coming to work for ReeceNichols. As a company, we help people find their home their sanctuary, where they raise their families and make memories that last a lifetime. It’s incredibly rewarding to help families who put their trust in our hands.

  5. If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be, and why?

    John Wooden – I am a huge sports fan, but also a fan of people who dedicate their life to helping others.  Wooden’s record and reputation were impeccable.  His longevity and ability to continue to connect with people made him a legend.

  6. What’s your favorite holiday? 

    We celebrate Thanksgiving at our home with 50 to 60 people — our closest family and friends. Sometimes we forgo the traditional Thanksgiving feast and order from a taco truck the entire day. Regardless, it’s a full day filled with family, football and fun.

  7. Complete this sentence: What the Kansas City area really needs most is _____.
  8. A Super Bowl Championship. We’ve waited a long time and it would be incredibly exciting for Kansas City.