What to Look for During an Open House | Scott Johnson

What to Look for During an Open House

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Not sure what to look for during the next Open House Celebration? Here’s your checklist!

  • Check out the neighborhood. How close are the neighbors’ homes? Are there a lot of other homes for sale on the street?
  • Give the exterior more than just a cursory glance. Are the gutters intact? How’s the yard? Is the paint chipping?
  • Smellevery room. Don’t be fooled by potpourri or candles! A foul odor, along with cracks and stains, could be symptoms of hidden problems.
  • Take stock of the closets and storage spaces. Is there enough to fit your needs?
  • If you prefer to let natural light in rather than turn on the lights, pay attention to how light filters in through the home.
  • Without obviously eavesdropping, listen to the other visitors’ conversations — they may know the neighborhood and could drop some details you wouldn’t know otherwise. It’s also a good time to scope out your competition.
  • If you have any questions, ask the agent hosting the open house.
  • Double check the flooring for any bumps or sagging, and inspect the walls for cracks or stains.
  • A new coat of paint could be just that — or it could be masking something else. Ask about any strange cover-ups.
  • If the home seems dirty and disorganized, take note. If the sellers didn’t care enough to make an effort to clean up for an open house, what does that say about their home maintenance over the years?
  • See past the staging and try to envision your current furniture and decorations in the home.

Although open houses are a great way to tour homes for sale, don’t over-stay your welcome. Refrain from opening closed doors or cabinets. If you want a more thorough look at the home, schedule a private viewing with the agent.

If you’re viewing open houses without your agent by your side, take notes and check in with your agent to  discuss any questions!