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5 Listing Tips from a Staging Pro

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Staging your home while it’s on the market helps buyers better envision themselves in your home — but you don’t have to replace everything to achieve that effect. So how do you stage your home while you’re still living in it? Helen Bartlett of Refined Interior Staging Solutions recommends five easy methods.


Decorating your home for your personal style and staging your home to sell it are two very different activities, Helen says.

"Even the most modern and up-to-date décor won’t always help sell your home," Helen says. "Careful staging allows buyers to notice the architectural details, the focal point of each space and the flow of the rooms, and most importantly, it shows a buyer the purpose for the space and how they can see their lifestyle in it."


Ditch those heavy curtains to let natural light filter in, and turn on all the lights in your home during your open house.

"Darkness makes people uncomfortable," Helen says. "Sun and light will make your home more approachable and attractive to buyers."


We know you cherish your collections, but they can be distracting. Potential buyers may spend too much time checking out your collections and too little time checking out your home.


"What happens is buyers look at your wedding photos or vacation snaps and take up time being nosy," Helen says. "You want them to be interested in your home — not your family!"

While you’re listing, take down your family photos so buyers don’t become distracted and can completely focus on your home.


"I always tell my clients to edit the furniture and decorations they already have," Helen says. "You have to consider the right furniture and style for the buyer."

For example, while your antique furniture may be a beautiful addition to your home — millennial and younger buyers will have trouble seeing behind the antiques to your home itself. Save yourself time on the market by storing these pieces while you’re listing.

"Some clients don’t want to initially invest the time or money into staging their home while it’s on the market," Helen says. "But they can end up paying for it in the end with a lesser sales price or a longer time on the market."

If you’re looking to list, connect with a ReeceNichols agent today! We can guide you through the home selling process — from listing to sale.

A national award-winning home stager and home stylist, Helen Bartlett has been staging homes in the Kansas City area since 2011. She has been awarded several national home staging awards, including the Top 10 Professional Home Stagers in the United States for Vacant Homes, Owner Occupied Homes and Redesign. Her work has been featured on local television in the Kansas City area, The Kansas City Star and Kansas City Home & Styles Magazine. Helen also recently co-authored a book: “Home Staging: The Power That Sells Real Estate. Visit herwebsite for more information.