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Laundry Solutions

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The school year is upon us again. This means crazy schedules and new routines — not to mention a lot of laundry. Our friends at Zaarly have some great organization tips for keeping your laundry under control!

1. Hide laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and any other cluttering products. A few nice baskets can work wonders in keeping all of your supplies together and organized.

2. Have a basket for everyone in your household. Keep baskets right near the bedroom door or wherever you change so that clothes can go right in the hamper.

3. School-aged kids? Make your life simple by buying durable clothes that can be washed and tossed in the dryer. You have enough to worry about — clothes shouldn’t be one of them.

4. Have a table for folding clothes. The more you can do in your laundry room, the better. A long folding table works well to get organized. Have a cloth crate for each family member and put clothes right into them. If your kids are old enough to fold their clothes, they can help sort and fold easily this way. Younger kids can carry their crate or basket right to their room and put away their clothes.

5. Buy a drying rack for all of those clothes you can’t toss in the dryer. In addition, install a rod up high to hang clothes right to hangers.

6. When it’s possible, use wheels. Having wheels on laundry baskets, folding tables and hanging racks will make getting around your laundry room easy and flexible.

7. Keep a stain chart handy. We like this one.

8. Check your washer in the evenings. How many times have you washed the same load of laundry because you forgot to put it in the dryer? Sitting clothes can bring on mold and mildew and make your washing machine work harder. A quick reminder on your phone to check before bed will ensure a clean-smelling washing machine and will reduce mold.

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