Remember These Iconic Home Trends? | Scott Johnson

Remember These Iconic Home Trends?

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How did we go from mid-century to mid-century modern? Grab your TV tray, plug in your lava lamp and take a walk down memory lane with these iconic home trends!


The 1940s saw wall-to-wall carpet, linoleum and wood paneling as popular flooring and wall options, and new space-saving appliances like microwaves revolutionized kitchen design.


Kitschy wallpaper with Americana accents and pastels were all over home accents and wallpaper in the 1950s, while knotty pine paneling and Formica popped up in kitchens.


Shag carpeting made its first appearance in the 1960s, along with other accents that were a bold departure from previous years — like bright, neon colors and vibrant tie-dye, paisley and floral patterns.


What better to pair more shag carpeting with than knit crochet afghans and textured wallpaper in the 1970s? Brass sculptures and wood-grain paneling!


The 1980s took wall-to-wall carpeting to a whole new level and installed it everywhere — even in the bathroom! Pale pastels, floral and chintz bedding and ruffled table skirts also ruled the day.


Ultra-feminine designs like frills, wicker furniture and patterns (especially gingham) were 1990s home staples. Primary colors and greenery accents also made frequent appearances, along with elaborate window treatments.

Even though some past interior design trends have made a resurgence, others shouldn’t live past their day — like shag carpets and beaded curtains. If your home incorporates these elements, it’s time for a refresh. Check outZaarly to find a home professional to help you out! Reach out to a ReeceNichols agent to get $50 off your first service.