How Do I Prepare for an Open House? | Scott Johnson

How Do I Prepare for an Open House?

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Decluttered living room with flowers on coffee table

An open house can help sell your home quickly—but only if you make the right first impression. To get the most out of your open house, try these simple tricks.

Clear out the clutter

Buyers are turned off by stacks of mail, magazines, and homework. Clear off the fridge, countertops, desktops, and tabletops.

Hide the personal photos

Stash personal photos in storage—so your guests can easily visualize themselves living in the space.

Clean everything til it sparkles

Or better yet, hire a cleaning service to make sure that you get the deepest clean possible.  Dirty houses don’t sell. Our friends at Zaarly can connect with you a great local service provider.

Bake treats for your guests

Not only will it create a wonderful, welcoming smell throughout the home, but it’s also a nice way to encourage guests to linger.

Set the table

A kitchen or dining room looks more inviting with a beautiful, clean table setting.

Buy new towels

Fresh towels in the bathrooms and kitchen make your home feel brand new.

Invest in flowers

Fresh-cut flowers placed strategically throughout the kitchen, living room, or bathroom add a welcoming touch that guests love.

Plan to leave your house during the big event

Visitors feel more relaxed exploring your home when they don’t feel like a homeowner is watching them. For that reason, it’s usually better for homeowners to go somewhere else during the open house. Plan to go to a local coffeehouse, visit friends, or catch up on shopping.

Take pets offsite

This avoids noisy interruptions, and minimizes buyers’ fears about pet messes or allergies.

A ReeceNichols realtor can make recommendations to sell your home as quickly as possible.Contact us for ideas for your open house.