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How to make your home smell great

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It’s the sense most closely linked to your emotions — smell. And it’s just not fall without the scent of cinnamon, apple and spices in the air! Here’s a few ways to make your home smell great.

Cloves and Oranges

Talk about a unique air freshener! Grab an orange and press 5-6 cloves into the skin of the orange. Then, wrap it up with a cord or piece of fabric and hang it in your kitchen or living room. The aroma can last up to two weeks!

Set up a simmer pot

Fill a pot with water, fruit and whole spices. Bring the water to a boil, then simmer the rest of the day on low heat for a way to fill your house full of wonderful aromas! Ingredients to try: cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, star anise, halved apples, orange peels, evergreen/pine needles, bay leaves, lavender, mint, essential oils.

Make a wreath out of rosemary

Sprigs of rosemary fashioned together can make a beautiful wreath. Not to mention you’ll get a refreshing whiff every time you walk by!

Make your own potpourri

Store bought potpourri can smell very artificial and overpowering, while it’s easy to make your own! Ingredients to try: dried apple slices, dried orange slices, whole nuts (with shells), cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, juniper berries, dried rose hips, bay leaves, pine cones and essential oils.

Make scented pinecones

Pinecones can easily fill a bare space on your bookcase but adding some essential oil can fill your home with a wonderful smell! Just mix Christmas blend, cinnamon or clove essential oil in a spray bottle with some water, spray the pine cones with the scented water and seal the cones in a plastic bag. Then, remove the pine cones after 24 hours!

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