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Healthy Home Tips for Cold and Flu Season

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Coming down with the flu is miserable, and even potentially dangerous for pregnant women, young children and people over 65, so protecting you and your family is key! Fortunately, there are several easy steps you can take at home to make sure everyone stays healthy during cold and flu season. Here’s some advice from Houzz.

Stock your sink

Hand washing is crucial to preventing illness. Make sure every sink in your house is stocked with soap and fresh towels, and make sure everyone in your home knows to wash up after blowing their nose, touching their face, eating, or using the bathroom.

Leave your shoes at the door

Your shoes accumulate a lot of germs when you walk around – keep them from spreading throughout your house by taking them off at the door! Remind yourself to do so by placing a doormat outside your front door and a rug inside.

Wash linens and dishes in hot water

You can help keep the germs at bay, by washing your bedding and towels on the hottest setting once a week. If you have a dishwasher with a sanitize setting, you can use it to clean dishes, especially if someone in the house is sick. If you wash dishes by hand, soaking them in a dishpan filled with soapy, hot water in advance will help.

Use a humidifier

When indoor humidity levels are greater than 40 percent, it’s significantly harder to spread the influenza virus through particles released by coughing. Therefore, if you add moisture to the air at home or at work, you’ll be less likely to catch a bug that’s going around.

Sanitize or replace cleaning tools

If you don’t sanitize your tools between uses, you’ll continue to spread germs around every time you clean! Keep your cleaning tools germ free by giving cloths and dish towels a spin in the washing machine on a hot cycle between uses. If someone in the house is sick, replace things like, kitchen sponges, mop heads, scrub brushes and dusters.

Take care of yourself

Self-care is incredibly important and cannot be overstated. Keep sickness at bay by getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy food, exercising, and managing your stress.

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