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Getting Ready for Your First Showing

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So your house is ready for sale. You’ve prepped it, staged it, and finally listed it for sale on MLS. Congratulations!

What’s next? It’s time to get ready for your first “showings”—visits from potential buyers. In order to impress a buyer, your house needs to be immaculate.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your first showing:

Be ready to leave on a moment’s notice.

It’s important that you (and the kids) are not at the property during the showing. This gives your potential buyers the best opportunity to relax and explore your home. Find an easy place in the neighborhood to spend 30 minutes on short notice—a park, a Starbuck’s, a restaurant, or a Target store.

Take your pets with you.

Nothing turns off potential buyers like a barking dog in a locked bedroom. Be sure to bring your pets along when you leave—or find a safe place for your furry family member during the showing.

Maximize the light.

When you find out that you have a showing scheduled, open all the blinds, curtains, and window treatments. Turn on all the lights to show off your home’s interior. The brighter, the better.

Keep it clean, clean, clean.

Your home needs to be “showroom clean” for every showing. This means: no clutter, no toys, no papers on the table, towels straightened, toilet seats down, sinks and tubs sparkling—every day that your house is for sale. Imagine walking into a fresh hotel room…that’s how clean it needs to be.

Keep it fresh.

Smells matter. While it’s not a good idea to burn candles unattended when you leave the house, using a plug-in air freshener during the home showing period is a safe way to keep it smelling fresh—without being overwhelming. Pay special attention to remove any lingering food, pet or trash odors.

Make a brilliant first impression.

Keep the front porch and walkway swept clean and clear of mail, newspapers, fallen leaves, and clutter. Always have a trimmed and edged lawn and manicured shrubs. A few potted flowers help bring some color to the front entrance, too. In winter, remove snow and ice to make the walkway safe. Even in the age of online shopping, remember that first impressions are still king in a home sale.

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