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Get More Space-Out of Your Tiny Kitchen

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Don’t get discouraged if your kitchen feels small. You can pack a lot into a tiny space using these easy tricks and techniques.

  • Clear out stuff you don’t use. If you only use the popcorn machine at Christmas, it might be time to move it to the basement or garage.
  • Try a cutting board that fits over the sink. Now you have extra space to prep dinner—no tools required!
  • Get a kitchen cart. It provides instant shelving that you can tuck into a corner.
  • Hang a banana hook under one of your cabinets. This serves two purposes: keeping your bananas fresh and making more room on the counter.
  • Use stackable storage containers on your countertops. These secure storage containers can hold rice, oatmeal, nuts, or pasta—and keep them fresh at the same time.
  • Add a magnetic strip to your backsplash. It’s an easy way to get knives off the counter while still keeping them handy.
  • Put a small accessories hanger behind the cupboard door. Originally designed for bathrooms, these nifty plastic pouches are equally good for holding small kitchen gadgets (like veggie peelers).
  • Screw hooks into the ceiling. It’s a perfect way to hold pots and pans.
  • Add a ceiling stemware rack. This frees up cabinet space and makes an attractive showpiece out of your wine or martini glasses.
  • Use the top of your fridge. This is the ideal place to store long, flat (or bulky) items—and is a great place to “hide” serving dishes, cutting boards, or cookie sheets.
  • Hang baskets inside of your cabinet doors. It’s perfect for storing spices and baking ingredients.
  • Stick removable utility hooks inside your cabinets. If you don’t have room for baskets, then these hooks (such as those from 3M) can hold measuring spoons or cups—without using a hammer or screwdriver.
  • Mount shelves to thesides of your cabinets. Don’t have room for shelves on your walls?  Why not add some smaller ones to the sides of your cabinets?
  • Hang hooks under the sink. These can hold scrubbing brushes, scrapers, spatulas—or anything with a hole at the end of the handle.
  • Or mount baskets under the sink. That adds storage space for sponges, dishwashing liquid, and other cleaners.
  • Add multi-level, stair-step storage under the sink. If you have room, you can also try stacking small storage cubbies under the sink.

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