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Get More Space—Out of Your Tiny Home Office

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Creating your own home office is immensely helpful when it comes to knocking out your to-do list — and if you don’t think you have room, think again! Use these tips to maximize your space.

  1. No spare room for an office? No problem. If you have an open corner, you can squeeze in a small corner desk and chair. Same goes for a long hallway. If you have a closet to spare, you can even remove the doors from the closet and place a desk in there.
  2. Work vertically to add more space. Install floating shelves or invest in a tall shelving unit to store supplies, stash paperwork and showcase books.
  3. To keep your small home office functioning, you have to stay hyper-organized. Buy baskets, boxes and other storage items to keep everything in its proper place.
  4. On that note, don’t accumulate paperwork. To prevent piles on piles, use the system of three — toss/recycle it, file it away or take action.
  5. Purchase a desk with multiple built-in storage options to maximize your storage capacity, like a file drawer or hutch.
  6. If you have the extra room to spare, buy a couple small side tables to place next to your desk.
  7. Use a cord controller to wrangle your various electrical cords.

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