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Get More Space Out of Your Tiny Closet

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Are your tiny closets getting too crowded? Here are 16 ideas for increasing your closet space—using very little time, energy, or money.

  1. Get rid of old stuff. Create space by donating, recycling, storing, or tossing anything you haven’t worn (or used) in at least one year.
  2. Rotate clothes/items by season.Try moving last season’s clothes to the basement, garage, or under-bed storage.
  3. Use skinny hangers. Still using thick wooden hangers? Try switching to thinner plastic (or wire) hangers.
  4. Install a second rod. If you have enough space, install a second hanging rod below your first one to double your clothes-hanging capacity.
  5. Use the floor. Add small, modular cubbies or baskets to the floor to increase storage space upwards.
  6. Use the ceiling. Hang baskets from the ceiling to hold items you don’t use often (such as travel bags).
  7. Add self-stick hooks. You can now buy self-stick hooks that quickly attach to walls and the backs of doors—no hammer required. Perfect for bathrobes, towels, or hats.
  8. Try a hanging shoe holder. This is a special hanger that has pockets for shoes—but can also hold medicine, jewelry, cleaning supplies, tools, or even cosmetics.
  9. Move shoes to under-bed storage. If piles of shoes are a problem, try moving them to a wheeled under-bed storage container for easy access.
  10. Or, add a multi-level shoe rack to the floor. Stack multiple layers of shoes, towels, or gadgets on the floor.
  11. Hang baskets (or racks) to the inside of your closet door. Increase your storage capacity by mounting racks or baskets to the inside of the closet door.
  12. Use a tie hanger. This special gadget hangs from the rod in your closet, and can hold belts, scarves, long necklaces…and of course, ties.
  13. Add an extra shelf above your hanging rod. This increases your storage upward and takes advantage of empty space above the rod.
  14. Hang hooks from the ceiling. These are perfect for storing small luggage, backpacks, winter clothing.
  15. Mount a closet door shoe rack. It’s not just for shoes—you can also use it to organize gloves, socks, belts, scarves or purses.
  16. Get an accessory hanger. This is another special, fabric hanger that takes up very little space—with pockets to separate small items like hair accessories, cosmetics, necklaces or earrings.

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