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Get More Space—Out of Your Tiny Bathroom

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Small bathrooms (and half-bathrooms) can be tough on storage. Here are a few easy, inexpensive ways to maximize your space.

  • Keep a large plastic tub in the shower. If you have an opaque curtain or shower door, this is a sneaky way to store toys, cleaning supplies, bleach, or even toilet brushes. Just take the tub out when you use the shower, and return it when you’re done (then shut the curtain!).
  • Try a wall-mounted wine rack. Believe it or not, this makes an attractive storage for bath towels.
  • Hang toilet paper from the toilet tank. New toilet paper holders hang directly from the side of your tank and are simple to install.
  • Get instant shelves for above the toilet. Now you don’t even have to hammer in the shelves—you can actually buy an all-in-one bathroom space saver shelving unit that fits around your toilet. Presto! Instant shelves.
  • Buy a hair dryer holder. This nifty gadget requires zero installation—simply hang it from the back of your cupboard door.
  • Hang self-sticking hooks to the back of the bathroom door. New removable “sticky hooks” make it easy to hang multiple large items behind your door. Think: diapers, wipes, a mesh bag of toys, bathrobes.
  • Hide a second shower rod in the back of your shower. After you’re done with your shower, hang your towel up there to dry and reuse later—or use it to hang cleaning supplies.
  • Hang a shower caddy on your shower head. It’s an easy, no-mess solution for holding your bath soap.
  • Use the top of your toilet tank. Add a pretty basket to hold air freshener spray, baby wipes, Q-tips, or cotton balls.
  • Install baskets to the backs of your cabinet doors. Try installing small baskets behind the cabinet doors for holding your little items.
  • Hang hooks and baskets in the shower. Use them to store extra shampoo, shaving cream, razors, or facial cleanser.
  • Add a small accessory hanger inside your cupboard. This can go on the side wall, back wall, or behind the cupboard door—and works great for hanging bandages, hair clips, soaps, and more.
  • Install a shelf above the bathroom door. This not only creates storage space, but it also makes the bathroom itself look larger.
  • Have a pedestal sink? Now you can buy easy-install shelves designed to fit around pedestal sinks (from places like Ikea).

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