Three Window Tips from a Top Expert! | Scott Johnson

Three Window Tips from a Top Expert!

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Window cleaning can make a big difference to your home, inside and out. If you’ve never had a professional window cleaning, you might have a few misconceptions. We’re here to clear up any questions!

Myth #1: Window washers only do exterior windows.

Not true! Most window cleaners do interior and exterior, as well as tracks and screens. Otherwise, the job's only half done! Many window cleaners will also do skylights, storm doors, blinds, shutters, mirrors, ceiling fans and even chandeliers.

Myth #2: All window cleaning products are the same.

Very much not true. Professional window cleaners have time-tested solutions, tools and techniques that actually make your window clear. It's often as much of a restoration job as it is a cleaning. Professionals use different tools and chemicals for different aspects of the cleaning job.

Myth #3: I could do just as well of a window cleaning job, if only I had the time.

A good way to bust this myth? Clean one side of a large window and ask a professional window washer to do the other side. Consumer products often leave a streaky residue that builds up over time, so even if it's clean, it may not be clear. If your windows have film, haze or hard water spots, it's a good time to get them professionally cleaned.

We suggest having your windows professionally cleaned at least once a year to keep the glass in top shape. Contact a Zaarly pro and get your windows looking brand new!

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