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Energy Saving Tips

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Making your home more energy efficient is easy and can save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your home.


Use caulk to seal the window frame, and then set up your cellular shades. These shades are easy to install and work by creating pockets of air to insulate windows from the cold. A good set of shades can double or triple a window’s performance, making these a no-brainer for winter comfort and energy savings.

Change the Furnace Filter

This not only makes your furnace work more efficiently but also traps more allergens and dust.

Clean Your Gutters

Full gutters can back up water into the house, causing deterioration and water damage.

Fix the Draft

Install a draft dodger under doors that lead outside. They can be purchased at any home goods store for around $10.

Point Your Fan in the Right Direction

If you have any ceiling fans inside your home, know the rules: counterclockwise rotation produces cooling breezes, and clockwise rotation produces warmer air.

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