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5 Easy Ways to Revitalize Your Home

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With HGTV, DIY Network and Pinterest, there are seemingly limitless options when it comes to redecorating. So where do you begin? Helen Bartlett, owner of Refined Interior Staging Solutions, offers some simple ways to revitalize your home's décor.


Beige and gray walls have had their moments and are on their way out. If you want to paint your walls another classic and striking color, Helen recommends using white to re-energize a room.


Even if you’ve already repainted your walls, keep those brushes out — try painting your kitchen cabinets a new color, too!

"Navy blue and emerald green on kitchen cabinets really pop, especially paired against white walls,” Helen says. "Replacing your hardware with brass hardware in muted, gold washes can warm these cooler finishes. Mixing two-to-three metals — like a chrome faucet, brass hardware and stainless steel appliances — is very appealing, as well."


That ornate, Tuscan-inspired look for chandeliers and lamps is dated. Buy new light fixtures that incorporate a more modern look.

"Try a drum shade instead of a classic bell shade," Helen suggests. "Clean, geometric lines also work really well when it comes to lighting."


"Real nature changes interior, and it doesn’t have to be expensive," Helen says. "You can buy beautiful orchids from Trader Joe’s or bouquets from farmers’ markets to liven up a room. I even pull out pussy willow from my garden to put in my home."

Another tip for a quick centerpiece? Buy a simple clear bowl and fill with green Granny Smith apples.

"They don’t go bad for about three weeks," Helen says. "You could sell your home before they rot!"


"Faded, smashed pillows make your living room look really tired," Helen says. "Replace your old pillows with bright, colorful, textured pillows to immediately make an impact."

Pillows are an inexpensive way to re-invigorate your living room. Buy a sofa in a neutral color so your pillows don’t have to last as long as your couch.

"These small touches can make a world of difference in your home," Helen says.

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A national award-winning home stager and home stylist, Helen Bartlett has been staging homes in the Kansas City area since 2011. She has been awarded several national home staging awards, including the Top 10 Professional Home Stagers in the United States for Vacant Homes, Owner Occupied Homes and Redesign. Her work has been featured on local television in the Kansas City area, The Kansas City Star and Kansas City Home & Styles Magazine. Helen also recently co-authored a book: “Home Staging: The Power That Sells Real Estate." Visit herwebsite for more information.