Creating Curb Appeal in a Day | Scott Johnson

Creating Curb Appeal in a Day

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It can take less than 7 seconds for a potential homebuyer to make a first impression on your home, which means curb appeal is incredibly important! If folks like what’s outside, they’ll want to see what’s inside. And don’t worry about long-term projects — you can create curb appeal very quickly! Here are some low-cost improvements you can do in just a day.

Dress up the front door

The entryway is your home’s focal point from the outside. Consider painting your front door in a bright color or install a custom wood door. Use metal polish to clean up the knob and door fixtures. Also, choose a door hanging or a wreath that reflects your personal style.

Replace old hardware

Pay attention to your house numbers, entry door lockset, wall-mounted mailbox if you have one, and overhead light fixtures. They can all add style and interest to your home, so it’s important that they’re up to date. A few things to keep in mind: these elements are most appealing when they’re the same style, versus mix-and-match pieces. Also, if you have a traditional home, an oiled-bronze finish will suit it well, while brushed nickel suits more contemporary homes.

Power wash your walkways & steps

Power washing your steps or driveway can make your walkway look brand new! You can rent power washers for a small fee, not to mention it’ll only take you a few hours!

Create perfect symmetry

Consider symmetry when styling your entryway. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, it's also very simple to arrange. Symmetrical compositions of light fixtures and front-door accents create welcoming entryways and boost curb appeal in the process.

Install outdoor lighting

Adding low-voltage landscape lighting to illuminate a walking path can make a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal, while also providing safety and security. Another option if you’re not able to use lights that require wiring, is installing solar fixtures.

Add a cheerful doormat

A doormat is easy to change out, offers a greeting to your visitors and keeps the dirt where it belongs, outside. It’s a win, win!

Do a mailbox makeover

Dress up your mailbox to complement your home and express your personality! If you choose a hanging drop box, pick a box that mirrors your home’s trimmings. You can also paint the wooden post to match the house’s exterior color or plant a flowering garden around it.