How Much Will It Cost to Convert My Attic into a Living Space? | Scott Johnson

How Much Will It Cost to Convert My Attic into a Living Space?

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Would you like to expand your total living space—without buying a new house? Why not convert your attic into a bedroom, study, play area, or library?

Total cost

According to, the average national cost for attic renovations is $49,438. Although it’s a significant investment, it not only increases your overall living space—but also adds value for future buyers. U.S. News & World Report cites that attic conversions rank #3 on their list of home renovations that bring the greatest return on investment, returning a hefty 84.3% of the total amount spent.

Individual improvements

Depending on the size of your attic space, here are the average costs of some of the most important attic improvements, according to


Don’t forget…

  • Make sure the attic can support the added weight—consult with a structural engineer
  • New safety codes—make sure you adhere to these to pass inspection
  • Soundproofing may be important—so you don’t constantly hear noise down below
  • Sloped roofs can be a design challenge—be prepared to get creative!

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