Time to Check Your Sprinklers! | Scott Johnson

Time to Check Your Sprinklers!

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Lots of people set up their sprinklers and then forget all about them. But sprinklers can get bumped, cracked and clogged, which can lead to dusty dirt gardens or worse, unplanned lawn ponds. Here's how to give your sprinklers a checkup:

  1. Walk through and look for dry spots, dark green spots or mushy or wet spots. Dry may mean a broken or poorly-adjusted sprinkler. Too green or mushy-wet may mean you've got an Old Faithful geyser surprising the early-morning joggers.
  2. Consider the season and rainfall expectations, and adjust the water timer to suit your yard needs. If it's raining, pause your sprinklers to keep from turning your yard into the Swamp Thing's favorite hideout.
  3. Manually turn on your sprinklers and adjust each nozzle so the water is reaching your plants and not your nicely-dressed guests and neighbors.
  4. Find clogged or dribbling sprinkler heads? You might have mineral buildup inside the sprinkler. Try soaking the heads in a lime remover or replace them. If that doesn't work, it may be the water pressure; you may have gone overboard with too many sprinklers on one irrigation system.
  5. Make sure the sprinklers aren't showering your house, windows or fences, which can lead to moisture damage and costly repairs.

Check and adjust your irrigation system at least once a season. You'll save water, money and possibly even your reputation with your neighbors.

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