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Avoid Home Hazards This Spring

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Imagine getting the advice of a 20-year construction expert to help you avoid dealing with an emergency water leak or safety hazard caused by Kansas City's winter weather damage. You can, with our friends at Zaarly! Dan Heiman of By The Blade Handyman Services has been caring for and building homes forever, and has the skillset (and sage advice) to show for it.

We chatted with him, and here’s what you need to pay attention to around your home right now:

Decks and Fences.

Cracks and breaks can be dangerous to anyone, and especially kids and pets. With the wet winter weather in Kansas, structures are put to the test. Check decks and fences for moisture and weight-bearing damage. Remember, repairing part of a fence or deck that is "almost broken" is cheaper — and safer — than waiting until after it completely breaks.

Air Conditioner.

Prepare your AC unit for its starring summertime role. Power wash outside units, and clear out fins with a broom to make sure there isn't any dust or weather buildup. A clean AC unit runs more efficiently and longer because the compressor doesn’t have to work as hard. And you don't have to worry about it shutting down in the middle of summer.

Your Home's Exterior.

Check for dry rot, peeling paint and loose window seals. When the weather warms up, it's a good time to check your home's exterior for any paint or patchwork that might need to be done. Regular maintenance is less expensive than waiting for cool AC air to escape through cracked seals — or for moisture (or rodents!) to creep in.

Those Gutters.

Check for winter damage and debris. Debris like leaves and sticks, nests or the animal that strangely disappeared last fall can cause moisture to get under the shingles, which can then cause damage to your roof.

Taking care of these tasks now, in early spring, will free you up to enjoy the summer with friends and family and not worry about emergency home repairs.

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