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Agent Talks: Best Practices With Shawn Muller

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Right now, we’re all adapting to our current normal in the real estate market. These are unprecedented times and it can be hard to know how to spend your days. We spoke with The Village office Managing Broker, Shawn Muller, for some of his best practices during this unfamiliar time.

Touch base with your clients.

Start with your most recent clients who have closed within the last year. Reach out to each one of them just to see how they are holding up right now and ask if you can do anything for them. Do not make it about real estate. After that, reach out to clients who closed two years ago, then three years ago, and so on and so forth.

Post empowering and uplifting things on social media.

Not necessarily things that are real estate specific. Post anything from favorite recipes, fun home activities or parental tips/tricks while at home. Incorporate real estate posts if they are truly helpful, like mortgage tips (especially the forbearance options). Doom-and-gloom do not belong here, but neither do posts like “SOLD FAST!”

Network with your fellow real estate agents!

Call on agents whom you have cooped with and ask them how they’re holding up. Ask them what they are doing to remain active during this time. If your Broker is offering online trainings, invite them to participate in one (with your Broker’s permission, of course).

Host a virtual happy hour.

These can do wonders for your mental health! Keep your connections going, even though we are all apart right now.