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Advantages of Selling Your Home Over the Holidays

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The holiday season is quickly approaching, and many homeowners think the holiday season is a slow season for home sales. While some people do put off their search during the busy holiday season, many are actually still looking. The serious buyers are the people who are still actively looking. The holiday season is the perfect time to showcase your home. You can take advantage of the reduced inventory and catch the attention of buyers.

Take Advantage of holiday decorating

There is something about the holidays that puts people in a great mood. Keep your decorations looking simple and inviting rather than cluttered and overbearing. Your home will show better when things are kept simple and clean. You want the buyer to view your listing as a home rather than a house.The emotional connection between the holidays can also influence the buyers to purchase the home at asking price (if it is priced right).

Cozy Home + Holiday Treats

Turn up the heat, play soft music in the background and offer some great holiday treats! Keeping your home cozy and offering them freshly baked goods will show you are putting the effort in to making them feel comfortable in your home. If your cookies are good, that might even seal the deal too!

Tax Advantages

Many people want to purchase their new home before the New Year to take advantage of tax benefits. There are many home ownership benefits out there for tax returns, so that is also a perk for listing right before the year ends during the holidays.

Worried about scheduling?

Many sellers are worried about their holiday schedule and running into conflicting times where they might need to be home when a showing is occurring. If you have a holiday party already planned, no worries!There is an option to restrict showings to certain times & days that work best for you.

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