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8 Tips for Selling Your Home in Winter

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There’s no reason to despair if you need to sell your home in the winter. Just because it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean that you won’t sell your home quickly.

In fact, according to a recent article in The Huffington Post, homes listed between December and March actually sell faster, and for more money.

So how do you give your home the best chance to sell quickly in the winter? Here are 8 easy tricks to try.

#1—Shovel and salt constantly.

Don’t make them climb over tall snowbanks. Shovel your driveway and sidewalks so there’s always a clear path to the front and side doorways—even when snow is still falling. Then, sprinkle ice melt or sand over the walk path and front doorstep so visitors can walk in easily and securely.

#2—Be prepared for wet shoes and boots.

A good mat at the front door will help keep your house clean—by reducing the amount of melted snow, salt, and sand tracked in on wet shoes and boots. You might also prevent “water drips” by putting an upright coat rack or umbrella stand within easy access of the front door, which encourages people to hang their wet coats and umbrellas.

#3—Keep the heat up.

Make your home warm and cozy by turning the heat up—probably 1-2° F warmer than you would normally do. This encourages people to stay longer in cold weather—and explore.

#5—Turn on as much light as possible.

Winter can be gray and dreary. Open all curtains and shades, and turn on all the room lights before visitors arrive. If the house will be empty, consider using light timers for larger rooms.

#6—Make it festive.

Leave out a warm crock pot of hot apple cider, cocoa, chili, or stew—along with a ladle, bowls, cups, and spoons—to encourage guests to nibble and linger. Bonus: the inviting aroma of warm cider can also help mask the stale odors of winter.

#7—Add a touch of holiday cheer.

A few tasteful decorations over the holidays are appropriate—such as placemats, wreaths, a fireplace garland, or a centerpiece for the dining room table. Don’t clutter the house with too many family knick knacks; instead, keep those in storage while you’re selling your house.

#8—Play quiet music.

Light, quiet commercial-free music playing in the background can help people relax and enjoy their visit by creating a soft mood. New age or soft rock music are good choices.

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