7 Red Flags You Should Never Overlook When Buying a Home | Scott Johnson

7 Red Flags You Should Never Overlook When Buying a Home

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While you certainly don’t want to write off a perfectly good home for cosmetic reasons, you also don’t want to buy a home that will become a headache in 6 months.

So what red flags should you look for? Here’s a list that can help you avoid some of the bigger pitfalls—and regrets—when buying a new home.

Not enough space.

It’s better to get a little more space than a home that’s too small. If you buy too small, you may end up selling in a year or two. Consider your needs, as well as any future children’s needs—along with pets, hobbies, and home office requirements.

Bad odors.

It might be just pet stains, but bad odors can signal a larger problem—for example, mold. If you love the house, make sure an inspector gives it a thorough investigation before closing.

Cracks in the walls or foundation.

Some cracks are a normal part of a house settling. Others can indicate major structural issues—or even mean that the house is unsafe. This is an expensive repair, so consult with a good home inspector before buying.


Mice, spiders, roaches, termites—all of these can be a troublesome problem to fix. If you notice signs of critters on your tour, proceed with caution. You may also want to get a termite inspection later, before closing.


The one thing you can’t change after you buy the house? The location. Make sure it’s close enough to your schools, work, grocery stores, and other amenities before you buy. Take a test drive to and from work and schools, and make sure you’re comfortable with the commute.


The “flow” of the home is another thing you can’t easily fix after purchase. Make sure that it’s open, well-spaced, and comfortable for you and your family. Walk from room to room several times to be sure.

Tons of properties for sale in the neighborhood.

If lots of people are selling in the neighborhood, then it could ultimately impact your home’s value in the long run. Don’t get stuck with a bad investment. Talk to a realtor you trust about why there is a mass exodus, and whether it’s a cause for concern.

Your ReeceNichols REALTOR can help you decide whether it’s a red flag—or a great bargaining opportunity!Contact us today.