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7 Questions to Ask Your Realtor—Before You Sell Your Home

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Ready to sell your home? Before you put it on the market, check out these 7 important questions to ask your real estate agent.

1. What price should I list my home at?

A good agent always does their research before suggesting a price for your home—including a comparative market analysis that takes into account the recent selling price of comparable homes in your neighborhood. They’ll also do a complete walk-through of your home and property before making a recommendation.

2. What should I disclose about my home?

It’s the seller’s obligation to disclose any issues with a home. Your agent can help you prepare a disclosure statement. Common items to disclose include:

  • Plumbing or rain leaks
  • Structural damage
  • Flood issues
  • Major construction nearby
  • Leaky windows

3. Do I need a seller’s home warranty?

A seller’s home warranty helps protect you from any major issues that may arise with your home’s systems before closing. This usually includes the HVAC, electrical, plumbing, sewer line, and appliances. For example, ReeceNichols offers a free seller’s home warranty on every home we sell through A.B. May. It’s a great way to protect you from a major unexpected expense, especially if the house is vacant during the showing period.

4. Do I need to “stage” my home?

It may help to sell your home more quickly if you “stage” it first. “Staging” is the careful preparation of your home to be more attractive to buyers—by removing extra furniture, clutter, and personal items. Your agent can help you decide on the best strategy for staging your home.

5. Is there anything I can do to increase the value of my home?

Depending on your neighborhood, certain home improvements can really increase the value of your home to potential buyers. Ask your agent what helps, and what doesn’t—before spending money on an expensive remodel. Many excellent improvements are inexpensive, do-it-yourself weekend projects that bring a high return.

6. How can I sell my home quickly?

Your agent can give you expert advice on how to sell your home as quickly as possible, by:

  • Improving the curb appeal
  • Making key improvements
  • Repairing major problems
  • Staging the home

7. How will my showings be handled?

Your agent can set up your MLS listing, to bring in as many potential buyers as possible. Once your listing is active, he or she can schedule all your showings with potential buyers in a safe, secure way.

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