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5 Easy Tips for Staging Your Home

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Want to sell your home—faster? Or get a better price for it? Home staging is an easy technique that can help you do it.

Home staging is a way to make your home look more attractive to buyers without making a major investment. By slightly changing the internal and external appearance, you can show potential buyers that your house is attractive—and a great buy.

You can stage your home by yourself, or hire a professional. Starting 1-2 months before your home goes on the market, try these 5 easy tips:

1. Make sure your home looks—and smells—clean.

Scrub your home from top to bottom—especially floors, sinks, and carpets. Get rid of any odors from pets, smoking, or cooking. Get into the habit of making the beds and straightening the bathroom towels every day, because you’ll want to do this when buyers start visiting.

2. Remove clutter and personal items.

Store away any clutter or personal items that could distract your guests—including all of your family photos and kids’ keepsakes. Ideally, even extra furniture and knick-knacks should be moved to an offsite storage unit during the home selling period. The goal? Clean, clear, simple—think “model home.”

3. Exercise your curb appeal.

Since your front walkway is the first thing a potential buyer sees, it’s worth the effort to make it look good—including the driveway and porch. First, the basics: mow the lawn, pull the weeds, and trim the shrubs. Clear clutter, leaves, and dirt off the porch. And in spring, fall, and summer, add potted flowers in bloom.

4. Paint, fix, repair.

Fix any broken doorknobs, pulls, cabinets, or flooring. Repair any broken appliances that will stand out like a sore thumb. Patch cracks and chips in the walls. For an even better touch, try painting the walls in a neutral color.

5. Let the light in.

Buyers love airy, bright homes—so make sure that your home is filled with as much daylight as possible. Keep the curtains and blinds wide open, and consider adding a few extra lights (or brighter bulbs) to dark or windowless rooms. Abundant light makes a home look more spacious.

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