Six May Home Maintenance Tips You Don’t Want to Miss! | Scott Johnson

Six May Home Maintenance Tips You Don’t Want to Miss!

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It looks like spring is here to stick around! The pros at Zaarly have six home maintenance tips for May to make sure your home is ready for the summer ahead.

  1. It’s time to check and replace your air filters again to keep your AC unit healthy and electric bills lower when the summer heat hits.
  2. Dense shrubbery or debris near the house is a perfect home for pests — mice, snakes, spiders and yellowjackets. Keep at least a foot clearance between your bushes and your house to discourage any of these pests from moving in.
  3. Don’t ignore defects in your trees. They may indicate a deeper problem — disease or insect infestation. Have a pro diagnose the problem and prescribe a solution.
  4. Do you have metal patio furniture? Patio furniture rusts, and this rust is nearly impossible to remove from concrete. Stick a small piece of rubber to the leg bottoms to prevent contact (and rust).
  5. A clogged or dribbling sprinkler head might indicate a mineral build-up. Try soaking the heads in a lime remover before replacing or calling a pro to check it out.
  6. It’s not too late to add color (and maybe snacks) to your yard with flowering plants, shrubs and vegetables.

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