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March Your Home into Spring!

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Do you feel that, Kansas City? It’s the hint of spring! We’ll probably have a few more rounds of crazy weather patterns before the month is over. Is your home ready for spring and all of the weather that comes with it? Our friends at Zaarly have 10 suggestions on what you can do to get your home spring ready!

  1. Install an early-warning water detection system before April showers.
  2. Vacuum high-traffic areas daily (yes, daily!) to increase air quality and the life of your carpet.
  3. Change smoke detector batteries when you spring forward and replace any unit older than seven years old.
  4. Consider custom storage or shelving units to make awkward spaces, like underneath the stairs, functional.
  5. Don’t let clutter grow to overwhelming levels. Plan time seasonally to declutter different home zones.
  6. When you clean your windows, don’t forget to clean and seal the screen for added protection against sun damage.
  7. Inspect sprinkler systems and replace cracked or frozen heads before turning on your system.
  8. Check gutters before the spring rains. Get them cleaned and repair any damage from ice dams or snow buildup.
  9. Vacuum and wash your window tracks to remove dust, dirt and bug build up over winter.
  10. Clean and reseal your grout in the kitchen, bathroom and other high-traffic areas.

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