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The Ultimate Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

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With Memorial Day Weekend behind us, we can officially kick off summer! We’re looking forward to baseball, fireworks, poolside drinks and taking advantage of those long summer days!

Summer also means that your house is going to need some extra attention. The warmer months combined with summer rain can leave you in a lurch if you haven’t planned accordingly. The service providers at Zaarly put together a summer maintenance checklist.

Inside Home Maintenance:

✓ Replace HVAC filters
✓ Have dryer vents cleaned
✓ Clean carpets to reduce mildew and allergens
✓ Replace water filters and filters in your freezer/refrigerator
✓ Clean garbage disposal and sharpen blades. (Pro tip: run ice through disposal to sharpen blades)
✓ Properly dispose of old paint, cleaning supplies and chemicals
✓ Donate all of those winter clothes that won’t fit next year
✓ Fix any electrical issues
✓ Have basement waterproofed
✓ Have a sump-pump installed
✓ Clean ceiling fans and make sure they are rotating counter-clockwise
✓ Have your home deep cleaned at least once
✓ Treat for insects/rodents
✓ Clean refrigerator coils

Outside Home Maintenance

✓ Have gutters cleaned at least once
✓ Have outside windows washed
✓ Pressure wash house, deck, walkways and outdoor steps
✓ Be sure that downspouts are pointed in the right direction
✓ Have any exposed wood painted
✓ Fix any wood rot damage
✓ Have trees trimmed
✓ Fix any loose roof shingles/check for roof damage
✓ Check screens and windows for cracks or signs of damage
✓ Make sure landscaping is graded correctly to direct water away from the foundation
✓ Check your deck and patios for any signs of damage
✓ Clean your grill
✓ Clean lawn equipment and outdoor furniture
✓ Treat exterior of the home for pests
✓ Check your fences for damage and have them pressure washed
✓ Keep up with lawn care and regular mowing
✓ Make sure sprinklers are working correctly
✓ Take all necessary precautions that your pool area is safe

Summer is also a great time to get started on larger home projects you’ve wanted to tackle. Planning now will save you time and money later on.

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