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Kansas City January Home Maintenance List

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Get this year started off right! Your home is guest-free, and you’ve had a few weeks to breathe now. Now is the time to make some space and make sure your home is safe.

Transform Your Garage

Is your two-car garage currently set up to park a moped this winter? Make room for both of your cars this winter! Set up storage that will last a lifetime.

Ed Jenkins

Air Ducts

Protect your home and keep the air healthy! Have your ducts and vents cleaned out.

Jeff Jines

House Cleaning

Your family spends a lot more time indoors during the winter. It can start to feel a little cramped. Having regular house cleaning is a great to keep your home feeling fresh, even on the coldest days.

Leslia and Gloria

Drain the Hot Water Heater

Drain your hot water heater once a year to remove debris and sediment. Your water heater will work more efficiently.

Taylor Reese

Snow Removal

Stay inside and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa. This winter, line up a snow removal pro. If you don’t, it’s not likely you’ll be able to find someone when it snows. It doesn’t cost anything to line someone up — you only pay when it snows and when the snow is removed.

Andy Bryant

Trim Trees

Before ice and snow weigh down branches, have them trimmed away from your home.

Ray Morriss

Repair Handrails

Slip-sliding away shouldn’t be the theme song of your winter. Get handrails, sidewalks and curbs repaired so you are safe in the ice and snow.

Neil & Hailey

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